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Ever wondered what a hip roof is? Most people have no idea what it is, find out here!

The most accurate way to describe a hip roof, without a picture, is to imagine a pyramid. Now, imagine that pyramid as the roof of your home. A Hip Roof is a roof type where all the sides are sloped towards the peak of the roof and since many homes are not perfectly square, there are different variations of a Hip Roof. Such variations include Hip and Valley, Intersecting/Overlaid Hip, Cross Hip, and Pyramid Hip.

Benefits of a Hip Roof

The most common roofing type or structure is a Gable Roof, where only two sides of the roof are angled. Gable Roofs are a very cost-effective option but are not as structurally sound as a Hip Roof. Due to the angling of all sides, a Hip Roof not only provides structural integrity but allows for any water or snow to run off the roof with ease and does not allow pooling to occur. The vast majority of roof damage is caused by water.

Although we do not see much snow here in Petaluma, we do see a fair amount of wind. Not nearly the wind force of a hurricane or tornado, but the winds throughout the Bay Area can be very strong, especially for homes near the coast The angling of a Hip Roof allows your roof to be more protected from the wind by creating a more aerodynamic surface, from all directions.


Gable and Hip Roofs are very similar and can create more attic or livable space in your home. Converting your attic space, of a Hip or Gable roof, into a livable space will increase the value and square footage of your home! Often homeowners will decide to install a dormer, which is a smaller protruding section of the roof that usually contains a window. Dormers provide appeal to the look of your home and will allow light and ventilation to pass through the livable attic space.

Depending on the needs of your home, you might want to consider the Hip Roof as an option. It is considered a very durable and structurally sound option. For us, as residents of California and the Bay area, homeowners should look into the different options that will protect their home from rain and wind.


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