Maintaining your roof in tip-top shape is a significant investment. However, by doing so, you can expect the most productive return on investment in the long run. How? Numerous reports indicate that a new roof generates more than 80% of its original cost during the home’s resale. More than 30% of real estate agents think that routine roof checkup is the best way to guarantee a quick sale.

So, if your roof isn’t in the best condition and not suitable for the most threatening weather condition — the rainy season, then don’t delay the prospect of improving its condition; it’s a high time now. Continue reading for a few tips that you can consider when the rainy season is approaching.

  1. Examine your gutters: Ensure your home’s gutters do not have debris. This will help you avoid water collection. Also, check your downspouts for blockage and clogs to make sure water is flowing smoothly through them. Lastly, make sure all pipes are free from impediments.
  2. Check for leakage: In this, you need to look for trouble spots and consider repairing any old leaks. You need to mainly pay attention to the metal flashing connection points, where most roof leaks occur. Ensure that the flashing is free of debris; the flashing needs to direct water off the roof and into the gutters.
  3. Overall glance: Ensure your roof doesn’t appear to be exposed to damage. Scan for missing tiles or shingles, sagging edges, gaps in the chimney, and it would be best to call an expert right away to let them examine and fix it.
  4. Understand the need for experts: If there is a high possibility of hurricanes or even rain, please schedule a thorough check-up of your roof; don’t delay. The lives of workers are of utmost importance, and if they work during challenging conditions, then it’s not correct. Besides, your roof would not be properly installed during bad weather.

As many of our bay area residents must be aware, the upcoming months mark the possibility of the rainy season. Before this year’s rainy season commences, be proactive and give Rockin’ Roofers a quick call to schedule your roof check-up, repair, or replacement appointment. Our expert roofers will guarantee that your roof is equipped to handle the heavy rainfall this season and your home is protected. Connect with us soon and start living a safer and stress free life.

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