Whether your roof is new or ten years old, here are essential maintenance routine tips that you should follow to keep it in good condition for the longest possible time.

If a part of the house needs to be maintained well to be in good condition, it’s the roof. Water stain on the ceilings can damage your home’s roof and puts your furniture, appliances, and of course, your family’s comfort at risk. It’s easy to overlook the roof, but it’s dangerous for your family & home.

Thinking about how to take care of your roof of the house & keep it in good condition? Don’t worry! We at Rockin’ Roof will share some tips for you to carry out preventive maintenance and ensure your family’s safety.

Remember that inferior quality materials affect the roof health, but it is also affected by the climate: daily exposure to the sun, wind, residues, rain pollution, & hail. As time passes, all of this deteriorates the roof, which shortens the life structure of the roof. Sporadic cleaning and maintenance are required to prolong its longevity. Regular inspection or at least twice a year can extend the roof life, but it is essential to be aware of this and always on the lookout.

Understand why roof care is important

The roof protects the entire structure of the house, along with your belongings and your family members. Furthermore, it interferes with the temperature of the environment. When a roof has problems, you will notice some symptoms, such as:

  • infiltration into the walls;
  • stains on the walls;
  • peeling paint;
  • stuffing;
  • mold;

The causes can be diverse and will require investigation and possible reforms. But before you get to that point, you can take a few precautions to take care of your roof.

Below is a list of precautions that can save your roof:

  • After every storm, it is essential to do a visual inspection to check the roof for cracked shingles, debris build-up, or other general damage and make the necessary repair.
  • Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the look and the integrity of your roof. Remove wet leaves, twigs, seeds, debris, and other materials that can lead to moisture build-up, compromising the roof structure & diminishing their ability to protect your home from water intrusion, pests, or hot and cold weather. When you regularly keep your roof clean, it improves its lifetime and reduces home repair costs.
  • If trees or branches are hanging over your roof, keep them adequately pruned to maintain a healthy roof & prevent damage to your home. Make sure they don’t rub against the roof-top because one strong storm could easily send branches crashing into your roof and causing some severe damage.
  • By the way, always check that your gutters’ drainage is adequate for the proportion of water. If the drain doesn’t handle this, it can overflow,
  • When installing antennas, water tanks, or any other service, keep in mind that everything must be done by professionals with great care to avoid damage to the tiles and the structure of your roof.

Don’t put yourself at risk:

Roof maintenance can be dangerous if done by someone who doesn’t understand the subject. Do not allow disabled people to perform services on your roof, and always consult a professional who specializes in the matter. They will be able to estimate the life of your roof, help you draw up a maintenance plan, and identify additional measures for protection.

For roof maintenance help, contact us and be sure that your roof is always well maintained!

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