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There are many roofing types to choose from. However, composite shingles are the #1 choice of homeowners all over the country. In fact, there numerous reasons for its popularity and appeal.



The first and main reason for composite shingles popularity among homeowners is its affordability. In fact, composite shingles are one of the most affordable options. Additionally, composite shingles have one of the longest warranties.

Not only are the shingles affordable, but they are also quick and easy to install as well! Roofing companies often install composite shingle roofs in only 1 to 2 days, which in turn saves you money on installation costs. Because of this, composite shingles provide homeowners with the most bang for their buck!



As far as roofing materials go, there are only a few options that are extremely durable. In fact, composite shingles are among the most durable options. The shingles are able to withstand extreme weather conditions, such as high winds, heavy rain, hail, fires, and many others.

Composite shingle manufacturers stand behind the durability of their products. GAF, one of the oldest composite shingle manufacturers in the U.S., has a wind rating of over 110 MPH winds. Additionally, their shingles have the highest fire rating.



Composite shingles withstand the elements, in addition to the test of time. Manufacturers, such as GAF, stand behind their products by offering warranties of 40 or 50 years! This is one of the longest warranties found for all roofing options

With composite shingles, homeowners are able to save money while relying on the quality of composite shingles.



Composite shingles are environmentally friendly and often recycled for other roofing projects. In fact, they are easily repurposed!

The U.S. produces approximately 10 million tons of waste asphalt per year. To reduce additional waste, they remove debris and foreign contaminants while grinding the waste asphalt into smaller pieces for repurposing.

Homeowners can even purchase recycled shingles when getting a new roof. Recycled composite shingles are just as reliable and can be cheaper.



Homeowners look for roofing options that will match their home’s current aesthetic. One of the coolest things about composite shingle is that manufacturers are producing shingles that look like different roofing options, such as wood shakes, clay tile, or even metal roofing. Because of this, homeowners can maintain their home’s aesthetic or theme without breaking the bank.


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Composite shingles are simple, affordable and durable. Schedule your free roofing estimate today and get your new composite shingle roof installed this year!