Roofing your home rarely seems costly on the list, as it’s a matter of utmost importance. It is a fun and exciting part of remodeling projects, but when your home develops to leak, your behavior might take a sharp twist. All of a sudden, the happiness of a dry, tightly sealed house may begin to change into an unattractive and troublesome appearance. That is why a beautiful and sturdy roof should only be the topmost concern while building a house. 

There are various sorts of roofing materials to choose from in today’s time, and a little bit of investigation and research might lead you to consider the latest trends of roofing rather than simply replacing the same material with the old-fashioned design that you may own now. Choosing the suitable roofing material needs you to consider its weight, appearance, longevity, cost, and structural issues. And when talking about the Bay area, its weather can be quite brutal at times, so you must pick an appropriate roofing material. You need to check the durability of the material under different types of weather, reactions to fluctuating temperatures, susceptibility to mold, and most importantly, its appearance on your home’s exterior.

Here are five roofing materials to consider when it comes to replacing your roof.

  1. Synthetic Slate Tile: Synthetic slate shingles are the most reliable material for natural slate. It is difficult to distinguish this engineered roofing material from natural slate. However, this roofing material is formed using engineered polymers mixed with recycled plastic and rubber. This material is relatively lightweight, making it an excellent option for houses that cannot bear the heavyweight of natural slate. They usually come with a fantastic warranty of up to 50 years.
  2. Asphalt Composite Shingles: Asphalt composite shingles are the most prevalent roofing material for the Bay area. They are made from a fiberglass base and have a layer of asphalt and mineral granules on the top. These three-layered shingles are an all-around good choice for houses in the Bay area as the ability to withstand a wide variety of weather scenarios makes asphalt fantastic, plus the shingles themselves are watertight. In fact, you can easily replace individual shingles, if damaged, with new ones. Depending on the quality and strength of the shingles along with the roof’s lifespan, it can last from 12 to 30 years.
  3. Slate Shingles: For the homeowner who prefers high-end materials, a slate shingles roof is perhaps the most attractive choice. This roofing material is solid and long-lasting than comes in thin sheets of real stone. As slate has a tendency to cleave off in thin sheets, it’s pretty convenient to quarry them into roofing sheets. However, installing slate requires highly specialized techniques and a qualified installer. This often lasts 75 to 200 years.
  4. Wood Shingles: Many Bay area homeowners prefer using wood shingles as they look simplistic and have a naturally beautiful appearance. You must know that wood shakes are handmade and rougher-looking than wood shingles, which are usually cut by machines. They are suitable for both the summer and winter seasons of the bay area weather. Also, they work well in drier climates with low humidity as well. They come with a fire-resistant coating and are made using natural material, usually cedar, redwood, and southern pine. This material lasts around 25 to 30 years.
  5. Metal Roofing: Metal roofs are made of one of the most long-lasting materials that are resistant to extreme weather conditions. They are available in two models, panels and shingles. These types of roofs come in aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and zinc. They are sleek, light in weight, long-lasting, and reusable. The best part is that you can indeed utilize this material if you’re interested in rainwater harvesting. Metal roofing is enduring and lasts longer than any other form of material. Additionally, they offer high solar reflectance. They look great on bungalows, cabins, contemporary and cottage-style homes.

Now that you are aware of the best roofing material for the Bay area don’t forget to contact Rockin’ Roofers and get it installed on your house. Contact us today and get the best services at the most affordable price in the town.

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