When you choose a roof type, there are a few things you should consider before moving forward with a roofing installation.  Of course, the roof type you choose, as well as the roofing contractor, should include certain benefits so you know it’s a worthy investment. Some of these benefits include longevity, durability, and cost.  Different roof types like shingle, clay, tar, gravel, and flat roofs, offer these attributes. However, a commonly overlooked roof type, known as a cool roof, offers even more benefits that can help the average homeowner or business owner.

What Is A Cool Roof?

First and foremost, what is a cool roof?  A cool roof is a light reflective roof made from high solar reflectance materials that are designed to redirect visible light back into the atmosphere.  Fortunately, visible light produces very little greenhouse gases, which in turn, benefits your home and the environment.  Cool, right?

A cool roof even reduces your energy bills! Because of the lighter color of the roof, Cool roofs absorbs fewer colors as they are lighter in color of than many other roof types. Without a cool roof, your rooftop can get up to 50 degrees over the set temperature for the day.  For example, if the temperature outside is 85 degrees, that means your roof can reach 135 degrees! With a cool roof, your roof can actually be 5 degrees cooler than the outside temperature, helping to keep warmer temperatures out of the atmosphere. With record high temperatures occurring during summertime, installing a cool roof can be an easy fix to benefit your home.   

Cool Roofs & The Environment

Cool roofs also benefit the comfort of indoor spaces.  With a cool roof, an office building won’t absorb as much heat as a normal roof will, helping to improve the comfortability of the indoors.  Additionally, when there are one or more cool roofs in a community they are actually more beneficial to the environment than other types of roofs.  This effect is referred to as the urban heat island effect.  Cool roofs can also lower electricity demands, which in turn, can help with community power outages.  Last but certainly not least, cool roofs also reduce power plant emissions, such as sulfur dioxide, mercury, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxides.  

Not only are cool roofs cool they are also relatively inexpensive.  With the holidays approaching, society is looking for fast, easy, and effective ways to save money.  One way to help save money emits the tinsel and twine, is to invest in a cool roofing installation. The cost of a cool roof can vary but the majority of cool roofs range from $0.75 to $3.00 per square roof.  With a price like that, imagine what you could do with that extra cash?

If you’re wanting to move forward with a roofing installation, it’s best to do it sooner rather than later.  With the cooler temperatures already here and the rainy season upon us, there’s no time better than the present to get your roof replaced.  When moving forward with a cool roof, be sure to choose a roofing contractor that specializes in and can accommodate your cool roof installation needs. Check out our article on how to find a local roofing contractor.






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