It is essential to know the warning signs of a failing roof. If your roof exhibits any of these signs, it is more than likely that it will need to be inspected.

Coiled or looped shingles

Curled or warped shingles are a clear sign that your roof is of a certain age. They can warp due to moisture in the attic, and this incident can expose your home to the outside elements during a thunderstorm or heavy rain. A waterproof roof can save you from many health problems related to ambient humidity.

Traces of tar or algae growth

Tar streaks and algae growth are caused by bacteria that eat away at the waterproofing properties of shingles. Inexpensive shingle manufacturing companies use fillers like limestone to keep the cost of producing shingles low. These algae eat away at the limestone and cause black streaks, thus compromising the waterproofing properties.

Moisture and mold

When an attic is not adequately ventilated and warm, humid air rises, warm air can become trapped there, resulting in condensation and mold in the attic cavity, causing rusty nails and eventually mold to grow.

Unfortunately, if left long enough, the plywood can rot, and you will need a new roof. This can happen with both new or old roofs as it is sometimes due to over-insulation, which blocks some openings.

Since mold is an extreme health risk, your roof must be equipped with an air intake and adequate ventilation. It would help if you acted now to avoid the added costs of replacing all damaged wood and removing mold.

The temperature of the attic is different from that of the outside.

The temperature in your attic is supposed to match the temperature outside. This is because your attic needs to be ventilated enough to circulate air inside and out.

This ventilation is essential to prevent the formation of ice dams. If your attic is warmer than the temperature outside, your home is prone to ice damming. You may also see signs of blistering or chipping off the exterior paint due to poor attic ventilation.

Excessively high energy bills

High heating and air conditioning bills can be due to energy leaking out due to poor ventilation and inadequate insulation in your home, especially attic insulation and roof insulation. If you find that your energy bills are high in addition to any of the above signs, it may be due to your roof’s poor performance.

Wrap Up

A common myth is that a roof is suitable for 10 to 15 years. A new roof should last at least 10-15 years, but if there is a poor application of inferior quality materials, age means nothing. Use these tips to protect your home, your family, and make sure your roof protects your home for life.

If you think your roof is advancing to the end of its lifespan, contact Rockin’ Roofers today! We have the best roofing solution for your home.

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