Here are some pointers to help familiarize yourself to your roof’s more intimate qualities.

1. Composite Shingle

Did you know about 75% of homes in America have asphalt shingle roofs? Composite shingle roofing is one of the top choices thanks to its durability, ease of installation and maintenance over its lifetime. You can easily find quality in a composite shingle that lasts for decades when properly installed. It’s versatility and quality roofing material help it stand out as the industry standard.

A certified installer can explain what makes composite shingles one of the best choices for your home. Asphalt shingles also have the benefit of being recyclable at the end of their lifespan and save an average of 1 barrel of petroleum per ton!

2. Insulation, Insulation, Insulation

With proper insulation, you can save lots of money on your utility bills.  Different types of insulation can range from foam spray to fiberglass, among other materials. You can also consider the reflective properties of your roof or even opt for cooler roofing materials such as a lighter color of shingle, as they don’t absorb as much sunlight as their darker counterparts.

Insulating your home comes with many benefits such as a more comfortable living space, which means not having to adjust the thermostat to compensate for lost warm or cool air. To mitigate this issue you want to make sure your insulation has been installed properly and avoid any leaks in any layer within your roof.

3. Checking for leaks

Roof leaks can cause damages around your home, and can easily drive up maintenance costs over several years. For shingled roofs, you should check for any leaks by observing air flow in the crawlspace or attic of your home. Additionally, you can try to locate any possible leaks by running a hose on over the top of your roof.

If you notice more serious leakage, it is recommended to call a contractor immediately. Excessive moisture can lead to interior molding, dry rot and other serious structural damage that become hazardous for your living space and increase the cost of repairs.

4. Repair or Replace?

The typical age of a roof in need of a replacement is anywhere between 20-25 years. Most roofs that are a decade or so into their lifetime undergo several stress tests against the elements. Finding minor leaks and irregularities don’t necessarily call for a complete replacement of your roof, as patchwork or an overlay can keep your roof strong for a while longer.

Although it is important to note that adding more and more materials to your roof also drives up the cost of a replacement later down the road.

5. Get the roof that fits your climate

If your roof experiences hot, sunny days, it is best to install a lighter color material as lighter colors reflect the sun’s rays. This will prolong the shingle’s lifespan and ultimately allow for greater savings. You can also consider algae-resistant shingles, as they work best on roofs in warm, humid areas.

No two houses are the same, and the same is true for every roof. So why settle for any other? Whether it’s your first house or your forever home, making sure the roof over your head is meant to last is as important as everything living under it.

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